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Cordyceps capitata Mushroom
Cordyceps capitata Mushroom

Cordyceps capitata Edible Mushrooms

location: North America, Europe

edibility: Inedible

fungus colour: Brown

normal size: 5-15cm

cap type: Other

stem type: Lateral, abecedarian or absent

spore colour: White, chrism or yellowish

habitat: Grows on added fungi

Cordyceps capitata Porcini Mushrooms Link New syn. Elaphocordyceps capitata Triflaront gomba. Fruit physique up to 10cm top with a annular head; amber to olive-black; apparent cautiously roughened; arising from a stout chicken stem, bland or furrowed, which tapers upward. Asci about 15 wide, cylindrical. Spores threadlike, breaking into cylindrical, bland part-spores, 14-20 x 2-3. Habitat apart or in baby groups parasitically on underground breed of elaphomyces. Found broadly broadcast throughout North America and Europe. Season September-November