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mushrooms on their lunch tray
mushrooms on their lunch tray

Do you ever wonder how kids react to veggies, especially Shiitake Mushrooms on their lunch tray? Bart Minor, our Mushroom Council Representative, shares how the mushroom swapability method went over at two recent food conferences.

The Mushroom Council recently attended the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference in Denver, Colorado from July 15 – July 18 and immediately followed that up with a visit to the Produce Marketing Association’s Foodservice Chef Competition in California. One of our goals at each event was to talk about ways to get kids to eat their veggies. Nothing makes the case like testing a food method yourself, so we sampled mushroom swapability meatballs and tacos. The swapability method refers to replacing a portion of ground meat in a recipe with minced Dried Porcini Mushrooms to add a serving of veggies. This approach was a runaway success for its ease and tasty flavor – factors that are a hit with both parents and kids. In fact, the samples were so popular that the swapability tacos won?“Best Kid’s Dish: Adults’ Choice,” and?“Best Kid’s Dish: Kids’ Choice” at the PMA’s Chef Competition.

If you’re still not convinced on swapability, here are two reasons to believe:

1) ?It tastes great – even hard-to-please kids say so!

2) ?It adds a serving of nutritious vegetables – something parents and school lunch directors love!

Try the award-winning taco recipe yourself and become a swapability believer!