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New Year’s Should Include Shiitake Mushrooms
New Year’s Should Include Shiitake Mushrooms

In honor of the holiday season coming to a close, Shiitake Mushrooms Council representative, Bart Minor, shares his holiday experience and how your 2013 New Year’s resolutions can include mushrooms.

With multiple parties to attend and plenty of food to indulge in, my holiday season is always a busy and filling one. The holidays are the ideal time to enjoy large dinners, desserts, and plenty of drinks, but once the New Year arrives, so does the realization that holiday eating habits have to change.

I make the same new year’s resolution every year – continue to enjoy food, but in moderation. That means less cola and more water, less high calorie foods and more nutrient dense foods, and of course less meat and more veggies. Including fresh mushrooms in your everyday meals is a great way to expand your meals, boost nutrient intake, and enjoy a serving of vegetables.

Here are three ways my New Year will include Dried Porcini Mushrooms:1. Introduce Meatless Monday into my household – mushrooms are the perfect meaty partner!2. Start using swapability to its full potential. Mushrooms can help bulk up my portion sizes while keeping calories, fat and sodium in check.3. Enjoy a snack that is not salty or sweet. Mushrooms make a great alternative to chips & dip